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Specializing in Curtain Wall Glass Façade

Verval’s Vision

Our company has a national presence and we are a benchmark in the construction industry in terms of reliability and pleasant, harmonious business relationships. Achieving this objective is possible through the fact that we carry out only a few projects annually, but they are large scale.

The organization provides shareholders with optimum profitability, and quality of life for its team. Profit-sharing and ongoing training enable our executives and employees to become versatile and to outdo themselves.

Our Vision

We are a prominent specialist because of our strategic alliances with the top suppliers and contributors in the industry.

Verval’s Mission

Our Mission

Verval’s mission is to provide products and services in the field of Commercial, industrial, institutional building envelope, particularly curtain walls (preferably unitized), skylights and architectural panels.

Our clients, suppliers and contributors are leaders in their industry and are also aware of the importance of long-term relationships.

Our Mission

Verval’s Philosophy

The organization Verval is focused on the pleasure of rising to challenges, profit-taking and constant change. It thrives on taking calculated risks and on enhancing the quality of life of its work team. Quality control is done at all levels, from the choice of suppliers to client service. Quality is not the responsibility of one division in the company, but of each team member.

Our clients are national leaders. We build long-term relationships with them based on clear agreements and mutual respect. Our approach is impeccable and we sometimes accept a short-term loss to maintain that relationship. Our goal is to exceed their expectations.

Management values written information, good communication with employees and networking with the construction industry to be alert to opportunities. We want a good work atmosphere and we encourage constructive dialogue at all levels (business and human) within the team.

Employees are made accountable through training and good planning. Errors are accepted because it is recognized that this is the best route to improvement. Rather than imposing our ideas, we prefer to support employees in their decision-making.

Our employees are respectful and place importance on teamwork and on our internal and external clients. They are hard-working, cheerful, empathetic, able to question themselves and move towards objectives. Moreover, they are detail-oriented, care about their health and have a positive attitude.

We select the top suppliers and build long-term relationships with them based on trust. We are technologically current because we seek to maximize productivity.

Bank of Canada 5

Bank of Canada

Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Architect: Perkins+Will

National Arts Centre

Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects


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